Can we buy property in Dubai permanently?

If we had to define Dubai briefly, it would be skyscrapers, luxury shopping, exotic beaches & world-class living. Over the years, Dubai has become a sought-after location for quality living and abundant amenities. This has also made Dubai’s real estate a lucrative place for foreigners who want to buy property for investment purposes or even for living.

If this defines you, you may wonder whether a foreigner can buy property in Dubai permanently or not. Today, we will closely examine what the law says about foreigners buying property in Dubai. In addition, we will also look at whether one can buy property in Dubai for a lifetime or not!

So without wasting any time, let’s jump into it:

Can you own 100% property in Dubai?

In 2002, Dubai passed a law that allows foreigners to own 100% of property rights in designated areas of Dubai. These areas are known as freehold areas where foreigners can freely invest and buy properties.

However, there are certain areas where only the UAE & GCC nationals can get ownership of the property. That’s why it is best to consult with a reputable real estate agency such as TRPE to ensure you understand all the property ownership regulations in Dubai.

Now you may be wondering what the freehold areas are in the first place… These are specially designated areas in prime locations around Dubai, such as Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai Marina, and Emirates Hills, among others.

In these areas, foreigners can get 100% ownership of property in Dubai without needing a local partner or a sponsor.

Overall, the freehold areas of Dubai provide a lucrative opportunity for foreign investors due to low taxes, a stable economy, & availability of all amenities.

Can we buy property in Dubai for a lifetime?

For foreigners, Dubai’s real estate can be divided into type types:

• Freehold property

• Leasehold property

A foreigner buying real estate in the freehold area will get buyer rights and lifetime ownership. On the other hand, buying a property in Dubai’s leasehold area means you can lease the property for up to 99 years!

The ownership structure differs in leasehold versus freehold property. In the former, the fre-eholder retains the final ownership of the land, while in the latter, one obtains full ownership of the property.

For those considering purchasing property for their lifetime in Dubai, freehold ownership is the¬ recommended option. It offers full ownership rights of both land and property, providing flexibility to lease, occupy or sell at will.

Benefits of buying freehold property in Dubai

What are the benefits of buying a freehold property in Dubai? Take a quick look:

Full ownership

The first and most important benefit of buying a freehold property is having complete control of the land. This means the property can then be leased, sold, or renovated at the owner’s will.

In addition, the buyer also gets the land ownership for a lifetime with no restrictions at all. On the contrary, leasehold properties come with a 99-year lease limit, among many other restrictions.

Inheritance transfer

When it comes to a freehold property, one significant advantage is that it may be transferred to family members.

This mechanism of transferring inheritance ensures that your financial investment remains secure and safeguarded for the¬ long term. Furthermore, it also provides the owner’s peace of mind that their loved ones will get access to their property once they are passed away.

When we look at leasehold properties, such an option doesn’t exist, as the final ownership is reserved for the freeholder.

Residence Visas

Owning a freehold property also makes you and your family members eligible for UAE residence visas (renewable). In addition, UAE has also recently introduced long-term residency visas, which means property owners can now apply for a five and ten-year visa.

High ROI

Another benefit of choosing to invest in Dubai’s real estate is the high and stable return on investment. On average, a property owner can expect up to 7% ROI on their investment via rental incomes.

Furthermore, the properties’ rents also increase yearly, which means you can generate passive income through your freehold properties. Similarly, the property rates in Dubai also rise over time which can increase the value of investment while you collect the rent money!

Risks of buying property in Dubai

Dubai boasts a reliable economy and an overall consistent lifestyle, which makes owning property there less risky. Nevertheless, it is crucial to be careful when choosing a real estate agency as selecting the wrong one could undermine any security net in place.

To reduce the risk of investing in real estate, it’s wise to work with a reputable property firm like TRPE (The Real Property Experts). They possess ample experience in Dubai’s real estate market and have intimate knowledge of local laws that come with buying or renting properties. It’s safe to say they can perfectly match your needs with suitable and attractive properties.

Similarly, it may be a hassle for a foreigner to choose the right freehold property in a low investment value area, which presents a potential risk. Without knowledge of the best areas, there is a risk of buying the wrong one.

Many real estate agencies also engage in deceptive advertisements that exaggerate the property’s worth, ultimately leading to a negative ROI. Financial loss is a probable outcome of this practice

The solution to all these problems is to go with a trusted real estate firm that works for your benefit rather than theirs! One such trusted name is TRPE which can help you find lucrative real estate in one of the best freehold areas of Dubai.

Dubai property ownership rules

• Leasehold versus freehold: the former permits a 99-year lease, while the latter provides lifetime ownership and full control over the property.

• To buy a property in Dubai, you must deposit 10%-20% of the property’s total price.

• Buying a property in a newly constructed project may require paying in instalments.

• Leasehold property doesn’t give you the right to alter the property in any way.

• You must pay a 2% fee if you make property payments through a vendor.


In conclusion, Dubai offers remarkable opportunities for property investment. Buying property in the freehold areas provides a secure and lucrative avenue for investors, offering substantial returns on investment.

By understanding the local regulations and working with reputable developers such as TRPE, one can successfully navigate the property market in Dubai and reap the benefits of this thriving real estate sector.

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