Things To Know For Investing In Dubai Property As A Foreigner

Cultural Considerations When Buying Property In The UAE

You Are Not In Kansas Anymore

That is the most important lesson that needs to be learned before you invest in Dubai real estate. When you are ready to invest internationally, the investor needs to learn that the real estate market is governed by the religious beliefs of Dubai leaders.

The laws in one’s home country or state do not apply to any Dubai real estate transaction. That means you as an investor must do some top research to make sure you know all of the laws that apply to your expat real estate transaction.

It is a tough job at times but you need to do this work to fully protect yourself from any legal issues that may arise later on.

Cultural Considerations You Need To Be Aware Of

1. House, villa, and apartment designs reflect the multi-cultural nature of many neighbourhoods.

While the majority of Dubai’s population is Middle Eastern the neighborhoods are designed to reflect the many people from different cultures that have made those neighborhoods their home.

Other neighbourhoods will have their homes designed to honour the Middle Eastern traditions that are integral to Emirate culture. Do your research well to avoid any cultural missteps when selecting a home in a neighbourhood.

2. The Islamic Influence

Dubai’s majority population is Muslim and the architecture of the houses, villas, and apartments will have that Islamic influence. Your property may contain an Islamic prayer room, Arabian arches, or other features important to the Muslim community in the city.

For some investors, these influences can bring a sense of calm while other investors may want to look for more neutral home designs.

3. The Moral Code

Dubai may be a party city that never sleeps but it still has strict Islamic morals guiding the behavior of the inhabitants. Expats have to be careful that their lifestyles do not offend Islamic residents and well as not violate certain religious laws.

While some areas of Dubai may seem exempt from those laws, there is still a line that cannot be crossed. Expats can protect themselves by becoming aware of all the religious laws that apply to their neighbourhoods.

4. Islamic Influence On Real Estate Transactions

All the real estate laws in Dubai are influenced by Islamic laws including Sharia law. This influence may affect an expat’s purchase, ownership, and transfer of ownership.

The Islamic influence is felt in mortgage and other financial loans as well as legal proceedings. These transactions and proceedings are not going to be conducted by Western standards.

An expat’s investments and behaviour must conform to Islamic principles to be secure and safe.

5. Cultural And Language Barriers

While English is used in Dubai, often the transactions can be daunting when you do not know the local language. Also, not knowing local customs can complicate any transaction.

The culture of Dubai may be influenced by the international vibe and presence but Dubai’s Islamic culture trumps all. It is best to have some idea of the cultural practices that are involved in real estate transactions.

6. Property Ownership

One of the first cultural considerations an expat needs to be aware of is the fact they do not have the same ownership rights as citizens. There are restrictions on where an expat can live and what type of property they can own.

While these restrictions can be modified it is wise to make sure you know what type of property and where it is located before making a purchase decision. Trying to buy the wrong property can lead to some difficulties and impact your overall investment process until you correct the mistake.

Dubai’s Code Of Conduct

The Islamic leaders of Dubai and its citizens are very tolerant of other cultures but conduct by residents is overseen by the Dubai code of conduct which may not fit well with many expats and their preferred lifestyles.

It is important to be courteous, use moderation, and avoid all types of improper behaviour. Here are some other cultural considerations to be aware of if you plan to invest and live in the city:

1. Respect the symbols, national emblems, and flags of the country. Any disrespect is punishable by law.

2. Decency– Dubai has adopted a decency code where a dress code has been adopted. Violating the dress code in business offices, buildings, and government offices may result in being denied access to those areas.

3. Beaches– Conservative swimwear only and swimwear cannot be worn outside of the beaches. Decent dress is mandatory in the rest of the city’s limits. Nudity is strictly forbidden in public and can result in deportation or imprisonment.

4. Pdas And Loud Music Are Banned– Holding hands by married couples is tolerated but any other romantic gesture is not. Dancing and loud music in public are restricted to licensed venues only.

5. Drugs And Alcohol Are Strictly Monitored And Regulated– No driving drunk at any time, as well as owning, using, or selling drugs is not tolerated. Fines and penalties vary depending on the offence.

6. Alcohol Purchase– Must be done by those who hold an alcohol purchasing license and when out in public the alcohol products must be carried in a bag that conceals the items.

Personal freedoms are guaranteed by Dubai and apply to all, except when those freedoms endanger the public’s lives, health, security, or liberty. Also, profanity and insults, etc., are prohibited by law, and the offender may face fines or imprisonment if caught violating these laws.

Some Additional Words

It is not easy to make real estate investments or move to another country. When it comes to Dubai, those laws may seem strange and impede one’s lifestyle.

If you need help understanding the cultural aspects of Dubai, call our estate office. We have over ten years of real estate experience in this city. Our experienced agents will help you navigate these cultural considerations so your investment and living time in Dubai is safe and secure.

Get cultural help from those who know the city and its culture, call us today.

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