Emerging Neighborhoods To Watch In Dubai’s Investment Scene

Emerging Neighborhoods To Watch In Dubai’s Investment Scene

Dubai has been a go-to real estate investment region for at least two decades. Its leaders have been creative in neighborhood design, innovative by employing Smart technology and being able to keep real estate prices low.

The success the Dubai government has seen in its real estate sector has not made them or their real estate developers complacent. They are continuing to improve on their achievements by implementing new strategies seen in the following emerging neighborhoods.

It is a good idea to jump on the bandwagon now and take advantage of the low prices and broaden your real estate portfolio by investing in the upcoming Dubai neighborhoods.

Top Emerging Dubai Neighborhoods To Watch

1. Jumeirah Village Circle

A creative neighborhood design, the homes are arranged in dual circles enhancing privacy as well as safe streets. Inside the inner circle is a lush green area where residents can spend quality time with their families.

Everything a homeowner or investor needs is located in this neighborhood. Once you have purchased your property you will find top schools, retail outlets, and much more to make your life more convenient.

Plus, the rental yields are still high enticing investors to buy in this neighborhood over more established and expensive options. The home prices are still affordable and you are not sacrificing anything Dubai has to offer by investing in Jumeirah Village Circle.

2. Dubai South

This is an excellent neighborhood to live in if you are a business executive who has to travel frequently. Nestled near the Al Maktoum International Airport you are only minutes away from your flight.

On top of that, it is a mixed-use neighborhood combining commercial real estate with apartments, villas, and townhouses. You can live near your commercial residents and do hands-on property management.

Like other emerging neighborhoods, residents have full access to schools, supermarkets, healthcare facilities as well as some fine dining options. This neighborhood is worth considering as its homes are still budget-friendly and affordable.

Public transportation expansion is still in the design phase making owning a car unnecessary very soon.

3. Dubai Hills Estate

Luxury living at its finest, is the best way to describe this emerging neighborhood. Because the developer opted to construct luxury homes, the residents in this neighborhood are in high demand.

That popularity makes Dubai Hills Estate an investor’s dream real estate investment. Rental yields and resale value should remain high as almost everyone is trying to live in this neighborhood.

In addition to that the over 1.4 million square feet of green space ensures a high quality level of living. Plus, the numerous off-plan developments surrounding the neighborhood make this area a very attractive investment region.

Not to mention that it is a very family-friendly location to live in.

4. Dubai Creek Harbour

Labeled as the rising star for 2024, this waterfront neighborhood may not be for everyone. Only those who like living near the water will appreciate the recreational activities as well as the scenery.

Like some other emerging neighborhoods, Dubai Creek Harbor is a mixed-use area that artfully combines residential buildings with residential-styled homes. Plus, it is home to the ever-popular Dubai Creek Tower a building that provides a strong cultural impact on the neighborhood.

When you move in or invest in this emerging neighborhood, you will not lack for shopping outlets. It is a very well-designed retail location that meets the needs of its residents.

5. Al Furjan

A well-designed neighborhood that will meet all your transportation needs. The easy access to transportation hubs allows you to get where you are going without delay.

For the investment-minded, there is still room for growth making this a prime area to consider investing in. With over 4000 current apartments, the typical investor should be able to find a great location to purchase and then reap the high rental yields associated with this top neighborhood.

The numerous gyms, swimming pools, bike routes, and parks will help attract quality renters to this area. This emerging neighborhood is perfect for the profit-minded investor. Not to mention those expats who want a very comfortable area to live in.

6. Dubailand

This is the neighborhood where you can have it all. Once you buy or invest in this top neighborhood, not only do you get a luxurious lifestyle, but you also get top leisure activities.

The two elements complement each other allowing you to have a fun-filled lifestyle without breaking the bank. Also, this neighborhood is ready to grow making it an ideal location for those investors looking to broaden their international real estate portfolio.

In addition to all of that, Dubailand connects to major road networks making navigating Dubai both simple and convenient. This is a neighborhood worth checking out.

Investing In Dubai

One of the most attractive aspects of Dubai is its ability to look to the future. Its neighborhood designs are eco-friendly and sustainable as the Dubai leaders protect their environment with lots of green spaces.

Plus, the city’s leaders have started from scratch and developed a solid infrastructure that makes living in the city convenient no matter which emerging neighborhood you decide to invest in.

The key to investing in these top and other neighborhoods is to watch current market trends. While the popularity of living and investing in Dubai keeps real estate prices high and looking good for the future, you still need to buy wisely.

Some Additional Words

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