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Guide To Living On The Palm Jumeirah

An Island Oasis

It may not look like it but Palm Jumeirah is an island. This residential design makes a perfect location for those who want a little space from the rest of the city. Even though it is an island, residents get every amenity they desire.

One of the best amenities is the amount of beachfront that is a part of this unique design. Every frond has more than enough beach space and access so residents can take time out and just relax under the sun.

Palm Jumeirah is well organized so that the majority of residents get a great view of some parts of the city as well as the ocean.

Choose Your Property

One of the first steps to living in Palm Jumeirah is finding the right property for you. The luxury apartments are located on the trunk of the palm tree design. The views from these apartments are unmatched.

Then as you go to the fronds, you will find a wide assortment of luxury villas, each with their own access to the beach and water surrounding each frond. If you like living on the water, there is a little marina between the two parts of this highly desirable neighbourhood.

If you have a lot of friends and family coming to visit, Palm Jumeirah is home to many top hotels that provide great views as well as a lot of comfort.

Fine Dining Is Available

Eating out is not going to be a problem when you live in Palm Jumeirah. There is a wide range of restaurants to try each week from Michelin-starred eateries to regular restaurants.

It is possible to eat out once a week and not exhaust your dining options for a long time. Then to top it off, Palm Jumeirah offers a wide variety of beachfront restaurants that provide a better ambiance than some of the hotel fares.

What makes the dining options so great on this island is that there is a large selection of cuisine to try. Where and what food you will eat will depend on your mood for the day.

Being Bored Is Not An Option

There is always something unique to do when you live in Palm Jumeirah. From the Palm Tower and its 360-degree view of the surrounding area to riding in a hot air balloon, there are a variety of activities that will make your week.

For those die-hard shoppers, there is the Nakheel Mall as well as a myriad of shops and other shopping outlets to pass the time. You can also spend an hour or two just strolling along the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk.

It is a great way to wind down from a busy day. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to things to do in this area of Dubai.

Tourist Attractions

When you have guests, they do not need to stay at home and bother you all day. On Palm Jumeirah, there are quite a few attractions that will take your guests hours to see.

One of the better and more popular tourist attractions is the Lost Chambers Aquarium. The underwater tunnels are filled with a variety of marine life that provide excellent teaching moments with their kids.

Or, they can go to Aquaventure Water Park located in the Atlantis, The Palm, also the home of the Aquarium. Guests and you can enjoy a day of water fun at this water park. This is an attraction that brings people from all over the world to experience.

For the fitness guru in your guests, Palm Jumeirah has a wide range of fitness and other physical activity centres where they can spend their time. Palm Jumeirah has everything you want for a fun-filled, exciting lifestyle.

The Drawbacks Of Living In Palm Jumeirah

Unfortunately, this desert paradise is not for everyone. There are some drawbacks that temper the fun and excitement you can experience when you move to this location.

One of the first drawbacks that hinder many homeowners wanting to buy in this location is its high cost of living. Not only are rental fees higher here than in other neighbourhoods, but the prices at the different outlets are also quite high.

You will need a very good monthly budget to afford living in this neighbourhood. The second drawback is for those who like taking public transportation.

Currently, the Palm Jumeirah monorail is not connected to the Dubai Metro limiting travel to just within the island. However, if you do not mind taking public buses or taxis, you can reach other parts of Dubai through those modes of travel.

Finally, if you are looking to buy an apartment or villa in Palm Jumeirah then expect to pay more for the privilege of living in this luxury neighbourhood. While there are about 3000 +/- apartments for sale here, the starting asking price is roughly 1,200,000 AED.

That starting price is just for a studio apartment. For a more luxurious lifestyle and a bigger apartment, some 3-bedroom options are valued at over 40,000,000 AED.

Life is good on Palm Jumeirah but be prepared for the expense and do your research before making a purchase decision. What helps overcome the high expense is the fact that Palm Jumeirah is a self-contained community full of amenities that make living there worth the expense.

You will find that it is not only a luxurious neighbourhood to live in but one that provides a lot of comfort and relaxation.

Some Additional Words

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When you want to live the high life in Dubai, contact us first. Our experience and knowledge have made us one of the best estate agencies to work with when it comes to investing and living in Dubai.

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