Highlights Of Dubai Marina And Downtown Dubai For Property Investment

Choices! Choices!

When you are looking at investing in Dubai Real Estate, you are going to be facing a lot of choices. Just like a where else in the world, location will always be the most influential guideline.

The two best locations to invest in are Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. Both locations are filled with more amenities than you will ever need. You won’t get bored living or investing in either real estate hot spot. Keep reading to find out more.

Introduction To Dubai Marina And Downtown Dubai

Downtown Dubai is one of the most sought-after real estate investment locations in this region. It is the heart of the city and this area houses not only the tallest building in the world, it has malls. Great restaurants, lots of recreational activities, and much more.

Business Bay borders the southern and eastern borders of Downtown Dubai giving you lots of opportunities for boating as well as other water activities. If you are tired of the heat, the Dubai Mall is on the northern boundary.

You will be able to shop until the outside cools down and then you can spend the evening relaxing at one of the many movie theatres in the city, Reel Cinema. With all of these activities in the area, renting your investment property will be a snap.

Then just south of town lies the Dubai Marina. Another hot investment spot as it is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Palm Jumeirah. Not only is there an inland lake to idly pass the time, but you also get miles of beaches just a few feet away from the Marina.

Like Downtown Dubai, there is no shortages of restaurants, recreational opportunities as well as lots of places to go shop.

Booming Real Estate Market In Dubai

He who hesitates is lost and that old saying should be applied to the Dubai real estate market. Prices are jumping as wealthy investors are already taking advantage of this hot market and buying more homes in the city.

With the opening of the UAE MegaProjects 2023, this is not going to be the year the market cools down. Prices are expected to continue to rise and property developments rising 8% in value this is the time to buy.

The market is not expected to cool off any time soon and if you are looking to get investment property, this year is the best time to act. Any hesitation means that your costs will only go up as the market is not predicted to slow down any time soon.

Currently with 350 projects being developed in the region this year, there should be enough investment property available if you act fast.

Prime Location And Accessibility

When you study the map of Dubai the first thing you will notice will be the extensive road system. As the leaders of the city started designing the new Dubai look years ago, the first thing they did was make every area very accessible.

You can get there from here no matter where you live in Dubai. The roads are that good. Each area turns into a prime location because of this accessibility. The best areas or neighbourhoods to live in are as follows:

  • Downtown Dubai
  • Dubai Marina
  • Business Bay
  • Lake View
  • Jumeirah Lake Towers
  • The Legends
  • Dubailand
  • Emirate gardens
  • And many more

Your budget and the type of entertainment or relaxation opportunities you prefer will determine exactly the best place for your new home or investment property.

Plus, each neighbourhood has its own share of recreational opportunities and top restaurants that serve food from around the world. Accessibility takes on a whole new meaning as you do not have to get your car out and drive to the next neighbourhood to enjoy life.

Luxurious Lifestyle And Amenities

This is the biggest draw for Dubai. Everyone has heard that this city has gone over the top in providing luxury not only to its tourists but to its residents and investors. You may not find anything like Dubai when it comes to luxury living.

Dubai Marina, Downtown Dubai as well as many other neighbourhoods all have upscale shopping outlets which are complemented by exclusive nightclubs, exotic concerts, Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class art galleries, and much more.

Some people describe Dubai as paradise on earth and the builders of this city have gone to great lengths to create that atmosphere. The opulent villas just add the finishing touches to the luxury you can have in this city.

The biggest drawback will be the mandatory dress code. Make sure to dress modestly at all times. But dressing conservatively does not stop you from enjoying all the over-the-top amenities that residents and tourists enjoy in this city.

Expert Tips For Successful Property Investment In Dubai Marina And Downtown Dubai

Many businessmen and women are looking for property to rent in Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai. They want to be in the upscale regions of the city and be close to all the amenities that provide a nice luxurious lifestyle for them.

Looking to invest in these two neighbourhoods puts you ahead of the investing game when you find the right properties for sale. Here are tips to follow:

  1. Location- All areas of these two desired neighbourhoods are nice, but some locations are better than others
  2. Work with a reputable real estate firm
  3. Do your research to find the best price and location
  4. Have a long-term investment plan

Some Additional Words

When you are ready to invest in Dubai property, call our office. Our estate company has over 10 years of investment experience in this city and our agents are some of the best in the world.

They know Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai and know where the great deals are hiding. When you are ready to invest in this hot real estate market, it pays to have experts by your side guiding you each step of the way.

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