How to Negotiate a Real Estate Deal in the UAE

Have you always dreamt of living your dreams in the UAE? Are you searching for that perfect property for you and your whole family? If both these questions got a yes for an answer, then, it’s time to start learning how to negotiate a real estate deal in the UAE.

Proper communication, exhaustive planning and preparation, and market knowledge, in general, are only some of the top secrets to score the best deal on a property in the UAE. Regardless of whether you’re a weathered investor or you’re still green in the area, there are some helpful strategies, tips, and tricks that you should keep in mind.

How Do You Negotiate a Property Deal

While it’s easy to get excited with the thought of buying a UAE property, things can also feel a bit daunting the moment you begin the process. It even gets crazier when the negotiation begins. To rid yourself of worries and confusion, take a look at these key steps for negotiating a property deal in the UAE:

  1. Research the market thoroughly and carefully before you negotiate any property deal.
  2. Make sure you know what you want in the first place, such as the type of property you’re looking for, your budget, and the location.
  3. Patience is always key when it’s time to negotiate a property deal. Never rush things to avoid disappointment.
  4. You can finally make an offer after you find a property that ticks off all your requirements. The first offer you will be making should be lower than the asking price so that you can negotiate better and score a good deal.
  5. Don’t be hesitant to be flexible, know where your limits lie, and always keep your emotions, both positive and negative, in check.
  6. Bargain the closing costs and have everything in writing.

How to Arbitrate a Real Estate Deal

Real estate deal negotiations are never a simple walk in the park but let the tips below help you out:

  1. It’s imperative to be fully prepared before you start to negotiate real estate deals in the UAE. This will arm you with the confidence and knowledge required to negotiate effectively.
  2. Know your priorities and set a realistic budget while considering all expenses you will incur and your existing financial commitments.
  3. Conduct market research to know and understand the existing trends in the market, including the availability of houses and their respective property values.
  4. Make an offer after you consider your top priorities, financial constraints, as well as the state of the market. Maintain respect and composure during the negotiation process while knowing your maximum offer and the specific concessions you’re ready to make.
  5. On top of the actual sale price itself, it’s also important to talk about other details such as the financing arrangements, the closing date, and other contingencies.
  6. Work hand in hand with a trusted and reliable real estate agent who has the expertise in helping you throughout the process.
  7. Deal with possible roadblocks and close the contract once both parties agree on the sale agreement’s terms and conditions.

How to Haggle a Real Estate Offer

Getting a real estate offer only marks the beginning of a lengthy process. Follow these steps to negotiate it:

  1. Determine your highest bid before you start any negotiations. You can better begin from a place of confidence if you know what you’re willing to spend before the negotiations.
  2. Set a low enough first offer to allow negotiations to take place. It should be low enough that the price is still comfortable enough for you even if you go up.
  3. Schedule a personal meeting with the sellers if possible to establish trust and respect from the get-go.
  4. Look into the seller and check if they have non-financial concerns.
  5. Your real estate offer should always be made live instead of over the phone or via email. A video conference is also possible so you can see how the seller reacts to your offer.
  6. Cash is and will forever be king so make your offer in cash whenever you can. This will guarantee a shorter settlement procedure and prevent the tedious and long financing process.
  7. Let the seller feel in control of things from the very beginning.
  8. Instead of seeming desperate, try to make discrete suggestions that you still have other options you’re considering.

How to Settle for a Better Property Price in the UAE

It’s always great that you have some leftover money in your pocket after you find the perfect property. Learning how to negotiate property prices will help you go about the process with full confidence:

  1. Educate and familiarize yourself with the property market and local area. Check if it’s a seller’s or buyer’s market and how fast houses are selling.
  2. Be sure you have all the necessary knowledge as much as possible about the property as this will serve as your guide throughout the negotiations.
  3. Seek the experts’ professional opinions that will point you towards the right direction.
  4. Having a home loan preapproval from the beginning will put you in a better position to make negotiations.
  5. If you already followed the steps above, you already have the details you require to work out the price range and begin the negotiations with the real estate agent.
  6. Be ready to walk away if you and the seller don’t reach an agreement.
  7. Be prepared if you like to score the best price, particularly if the properties in your target area are high in demand.

How to Bargain the House Price with Owner

Haggling the house price with the owner doesn’t take much effort on your part. As long as you know what to do and how to do it, you’ll be off to a great start.

  1. Know your budget before you even start your search for properties.
  2. Check other similar properties in your target area and do your research about them.
  3. Give the property a thorough viewing. Check if repairs are necessary because you can use this to negotiate a lower price and score the best deal on the house.
  4. Make sure that the owner knows that you’re also interested in other properties as this will help you negotiate a better deal.
  5. If the owner doesn’t change the price, try to haggle some extras when you put in your offer.
  6. Be ready to accept the possibility that the owner might not budge and bring down the price of the house.

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