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The Rise Of Affordable Luxury Properties In Dubai

Putting Your Money To Work For You

When it comes to luxury properties, money doesn’t always seem to stretch as far in some cities as it does in others. What you can buy for $1 million in New York or even Monaco will not compare in size to what you can buy for the same money in Dubai.

Being able to buy bigger luxury homes is one way to make your money work for you. Not only do you get more living space but you also get a better investment that should pay off in the long run.

With the hot Dubai luxury market, re-selling the home after a few years at a profit is not out of the question. Right now, this is a great real estate investment opportunity that should not be ignored.

The Luxury Neighbourhoods Of Dubai

Before you make your purchase decision, it is important to know where the most sought-after luxury homes are located. Dubai does not have a shortage of luxury neighbourhoods to consider.

1. Palm Jumeirah– built on a man-made island shaped like a palm tree, Palm Jumeirah is home to some of the most luxurious properties you can buy in this city.

To go with that luxury, the neighbourhood is filled with world-class restaurants, shopping, and other amenities that make living in this neighbourhood worth the expense.

2. Downtown Dubai– Be the centre of it all. With the world’s tallest building and one of the world’s largest shopping malls, living in this luxury neighbourhood has you experiencing the heartbeat of the city.

Everything you want in a luxury lifestyle can be found in this highly desired neighbourhood.

3. Emirates Hills– This gated community is perfect for the golf lover. Nestled around the Montgomerie Golf Course, this prestigious neighbourhood is filled with lakes, green areas, and luxurious mansions.

4. Jumeirah Islands– 50 man-made islands surrounded by a multitude of lakes make this a go-to luxury neighbourhood. Its focus is family-friendly with a wide variety of recreational activities for everyone to enjoy.

It is a great location for those homeowners or investors who like a serene, peaceful setting.

5. Arabian Ranches– Another luxury location that offers a serene environment in a suburban setting. You will find spacious villas, lush greenery, and equestrian opportunities in this luxury and private neighbourhood.

It has something for everyone in your family including a nice quiet break from the bustling city.

What $1 Million US buys

When it comes to judging what is affordable or not, it is the size of the property that determines the rankings. You may spend the same amount of money in each country but what you get for that expense is the key factor for affordability.

While you are spending the same amount of money, that $1 million US goes further in Dubai than it does in other global hub cities. For example, $1 million US can buy between 979 square feet and 1,130 square feet in Dubai.

That same amount of square footage is 3x more than what you can buy for the same amount of money in New York, London, or Singapore. It also buys over 806 square feet of properties of the same value in Monaco.

$1 million US in Monaco only purchases 172 square feet. It also only buys 226 square feet in Hong Kong. You can see why Dubai’s luxury market is very affordable. You get more bang for your investment dollars in this city.

Dubai’s Luxury Home Market Remains Hot

Investing in the Dubai luxury home market is not going to be easy. The current trend has homeowners holding onto their luxury properties for longer periods of time.

There has been a substantial decrease in available luxury homes in this region because of this trend. But that is good news for those homeowners and investors who want property values to rise.

This lack of availability has kept the Dubai luxury property market nice and hot. Even with the substantial increase in values, the luxury home market in this city remains affordable.

Dubai saw a record amount of sales in both the $10,000,000 and up category as well as the $25,00,000 and up luxury homes. This is still a great market to invest in as property values are not predicted to decrease any time soon.

The most expensive homes sold recently have been in the $30 million+ US range. There is still a lot of demand for luxury properties in Dubai making it a positive investment opportunity.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

One of the factors that makes the Dubai luxury home market so attractive is its variety. Homeowners and investors are not limited to just one style of home when they look to invest.

Dubai’s market has luxury apartments, villas, and mansions which appeal to a variety of homeowners. This is not a cookie-cutter market where all the homes are the same. You can find your home preference by looking in the right luxury neighbourhoods.

Those neighbourhoods total more than the 5 listed above. It will take a little research to find the perfect luxury home for you and your family or investment goals.

On top of the variety of types of homes, each luxury neighbourhood varies in what it offers. Some offer exclusive golf clubs, others world-class shopping, and still more focus on the dining and recreational preferences of its residents.

You will find what you want in any luxury neighbourhood in Dubai.

Some Additional Words

To help you in your quest to find a nice affordable luxury property in Dubai, look to our estate agency and estate agents. We have over 10 years of real estate investment in Dubai and we know where the affordable luxury homes are located.

One phone call lets you tap into our wealth of knowledge and Dubai real estate experience and gets you on the right track. Call us today and put our knowledge and experience to work for you. You can’t lose when you go with the best.

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