What Are The Most Expensive Areas Of Dubai For Living?

Dubai is going to be expensive. No matter if you have a family, a childless couple, or a single person, you will find that rents can be quite high in this city. The most expensive location will be downtown Dubai and that is the consensus of all those who make these evaluations.

The US dollar is equal to 3.67 AED, or DHs as they are unofficially called. That gives you an idea of how much you will have to pay when you look at those rental figures listed in AED currency.

Right now, the rental of downtown property is at a 1.17 DH rate per square foot. If you want to rent a large apartment, expect to pay a lot of money for the privilege. Finding the right place to live will depend on your family size and your interests.

The Best Area To Live In Dubai With Family

With expense aside, there are several good areas for ex-pat families to live in while they reside in Dubai. One of the better locations is Arabian Ranches where homes start at 185,000AED for a 3-bedroom villa and go up from there.

Sale prices are a little more expensive with a 3-bedroom starting at 2.2 million AED. If you want to be close to the beach, then you should look at Jumeirah, one of the oldest ex-pat neighbourhoods n the city.

Not only is it close to Jumeirah Beach but it also has a lot of premier schools within its boundaries. The price to rent in this neighbourhood starts at 130,000 AED and goes up from there.

However, Jumeirah is not a freehold neighbourhood so purchasing is out of the question for ex-pats. For total family pleasure, you can try Mirdif. The rents are exceptionally low even though the houses all have a European flair to their design.

This neighbourhood comes with lots of shopping opportunities as well as a nice park for the kids.

The Best Area To Live In Dubai For Couples

Without the worry of kids, couples can find several top locations to live in while they live in this city. One of those locations is Jumeirah Village Circle also known as JVC.

Not only does this neighbourhood have lots of supermarkets, and other amenities, you can secure a nice 1-bedroom apartment for under 50,000 AED per year. For that price, you can get covered parking, swimming pools, and a gym to work out at.

Al Nahda is the perfect apartment opportunity for those couples who do not drive. This apartment complex is located near public transportation along with grocery stores and other supermarkets.

While it is a well-sought-after location to live in, the rents for the apartments here start at around 34,000 AED. When you are on a budget this 1-bedroom price is good. But you can do better with a studio or spend a little more for a larger apartment.

If luxury is on your mind, then a popular location is Dubai Marina. Perfect for couples who want to live a lifestyle they can’t at home. Apartments start at about 85,000 AED in this little neighbourhood.

The Best Area To Live In Dubai For Singles

This may depend on your lifestyle. For those business professionals, DIFC & Business Bay are the best locations. You get to be close to your work as well as enjoy some of the finer points of a luxury lifestyle. There are lots of opportunities to work, play, and work out in these areas.

Next on the list would be Downtown Dubai. This is for the single person who is an avid shopper. It is also for those who like a high-flying lifestyle as the Dubai Mall is right next door as is the Burj Khalifa.

The party animals should find the Dubai Marian as the perfect home. There is great nightlife in this area as well as yacht parties and you are not far from work either. Not to mention the great restaurants that are located throughout this area.

Finally, for beach lovers, there is Jumeirah Beach Residence or JBR. On your days off you have access to some great water activities or other fun in the sun. There will not be a shortage of entertainment options, dining-out facilities, and much more.

As a single, you can enjoy a great life in any of these areas of Dubai.

Most Expensive In Dubai

The most expensive place to live currently in Dubai is the Downtown. It is the most expensive place to live per square foot than any other neighbourhood in this region.

One of the reasons it is so expensive is all the attractions that are located in the downtown area. Those attractions include- Burj Khalifa, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Fountain, Burj Park, Dubai Opera, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Forte Towers, Burj Vista, Grande, etc.

If you want to live in the downtown area but can’t afford the 117 DH per square foot rent, then check out Old Town. Also located in the Downtown region, the apartments, are renting for 115 DH per square foot.

While the cost may be high, the buildings look beautiful. Plus, you are not really that far from some other great places to live, shop, eat, or play. While the other locations on this list may help you get away from the city, living in these two locations puts you right in the heartbeat of Dubai.

Some Final Words

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