What Happens If Your Home Buyer’s Survey Finds A Problem In Dubai?

When you decide to invest in other countries real estate markets, you will find that the terminology may be different than what you are used to. For example the home survey.

In Dubai, it seems to be called a home inspection and there are several levels to this inspection. However, while it is called an inspection, it is still a home survey. At least in what duties are carried out and what is looked at.

There are several levels of inspections depending on the purpose of the transaction or ownership of the property.

Home Buyers Survey

The purpose of the home inspection is the same as a home survey. These are done to protect your investment in the property so that you will go into the transactions with both eyes wide open.

For example, one inspection company offers several types of inspections and one of the most important ones will be the property handover type. What this inspection does is identify all the defects that are in your proposed new home.

The report will identify and categorize those defects and let you know which can wait for a later date and which needs to be done immediately. The inspections may include HVAC systems, the electrical aspects of the home, and a civil inspection that looks at the cosmetic parts of the home.

There are plumbing and thermal inspections as well. Each one will have a list of items to investigate and analyze so you know if you are going to need to set aside more money for repairs, etc.

Other inspection types would be post-renovation, pre-purchase, move-in/ move-out, and special investigation. Each one of these has specific requirements that need to be met.

The goal of these inspections is to verify the information provided by the seller before purchase. This information would include legal, financial, tax, and technical aspects of the property.

Red Flags On House Survey

The biggest red flag that will be discovered is if the seller did not tell the potential buyer of any problems. These inspections will turn up important information about the property that the buyer can use to either continue with the transaction or cancel the preliminary purchase agreement.

Other red flags will be the condition of the property. There may be a problem with the HVAC system or the electrical wiring or appliances are not in top shape, and that would apply to the plumbing as well.

The red flags will be similar to the red flags you find when you are trying to buy a home in your native country. When it comes to the civil inspection, some red flags would be mould in hidden places, damp or moisture issues, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and more.

When you have these inspections done, you are looking at anything that was hidden from view that may influence your decision to buy and impact the trust between buyer and seller.

Because there are so many different types of inspections in Dubai, there may well be at least one red flag popping up somewhere. When it is mentioned to you, you will have to decide if you will let it pass or use that red flag to negotiate a better purchase price.

These red flags will give you something to work with when the real negotiations for the transaction begin.

Does The Seller Get A Copy Of The Survey?

While not specifically mentioned in some records, it would stand to reason that the seller would be given a copy of the report. That way they can verify the legitimacy of the report.

This is a question you should take up with the inspection company and find out their company protocols on this topic. The reason we say that is that these home inspections can impact the selling price or be used to make the seller make the repairs needed.

Plus, if the home inspection contains really bad information, the buyer can use it to back out of the deal if they so choose. It would only be fair to let the seller have a copy of the report so they can determine what they want to do in this transaction.

Having the inspection done before you sign the official sales contract is a smart idea as the inspection will point out any safety issues you and your family may face.

Part of those safety issues will be how good of a shape the structure is in.

Home Inspection Details

1. When Should The Inspection Be Done

Timing is always important and if you have questions about a specific property you should have the inspections done after you sign the preliminary agreement to buy the property and before you sign the official agreement.

It is possible to get your deposit back under certain conditions when the home inspection turns up faulty communication on the part of the seller.

2. Who Should Conduct The Inspection

There are plenty of professional inspection companies in Dubai. Your real estate agent should have a list of these companies in their office. But it is up to the buyer to hire a professional company to perform the inspection.

Just be careful when you make your selection as many of the companies offering this service may not be reliable or ethical. While home inspections are not mandatory, they are very beneficial and give you more than enough information about your proposed home.

Some Additional Words

Buying a home anywhere can be full of hoops that need to be crossed. When you are going to a new culture like Dubai, you should have some qualified help in selecting your property.

That is why you should call our office today. We have over 10 years of real estate business in Dubai. We know and understand the culture and can help you find the right home as well as the right home inspection company.

We work hard for you so you do not get frustrated by the new way of buying real estate.

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