What Is A Residential Sale Process In Dubai?

In a large market like Dubai, selling one’s home is a thrilling experience and a high-profile task. Additionally, it is a legal transaction that experts best handle. Setting the correct cost for your property is an excellent place to start. The vendor may decide on it independently or obtain market research. Realtors will qualify your home, recommend a reasonable price, and suggest a selling strategy while keeping up with the factors affecting Dubai’s secondary real estate market. A property manager will offer an anticipated selling price that is fair and is based on the recent sales of the closest properties that are most similar to yours.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide to aid in your navigation.

Presentation of the Commodity

Giving your property’s best presentation (making it look as attractive as possible) high priority increases your chances of selling it quickly and for a profit. This improves the likelihood of receiving offers and the best price for your house. Before listing your property, we advise you to ensure that any cracks, flaws, or maintenance problems have been fixed. Additionally, if the home needs it, we recommend investing in a new paint job, a thorough cleaning, and making sure the garden is kept neat if it’s a villa. Since buyers are less experienced investors than sellers and frequently lack the best imagination, creating an emotional connection with buyers is essential.

Conducting a market analysis

Your real estate expert will perform a market appraisal on your property. Getting the property’s price right is essential since it will significantly impact how quickly it sells. Your agents will research to provide you with pricing criteria based on development, location, and property type, as well as build a plan for the most successful selling of your house.

Place your home on the market

The Dubai Land Department will require you to sign Form A or Contract A and submit copies of your title deed/good, passport, and emirates ID to market your property. Form A is a written agreement between the seller and the broker that outlines all the conditions and is required by law before any estate in Dubai may be sold or marketed. To promote, the broker will apply for a marketing license.

You are selling your house

The proper marketing of your home is essential to achieving a sale. In the first four weeks after going on the market, almost 70% of homes sell. Premium listings ensure the widest audience with professional photographs and descriptions posted on all relevant portals. Additionally, we produce leads through extended intelligent reach through social networks and email marketing.

Showing prospective purchasers the property

Your real estate agent will arrange for prospective purchasers to view the home. Your agent, who is an expert in the field, will be able to display the property and provide information and responses to queries about the property, neighbourhood, pricing, and all other relevant aspects of selling your property.

Terms of the purchase and sale agreement

Once a potential buyer is identified, the parties would negotiate the price and other parameters through the brokers. An expert agent will be needed to provide a case based on statistics and market trends to persuade the two parties to reach a price agreement. It may be helpful to demonstrate the buyer’s seriousness by including a cheque for a 10% deposit with the offer. Following the deal, both parties will need to sign a memorandum of understanding (also known as an MOU and Form/Contract F).

Risks of buying property in Dubai

Property Scams

Despite being extremely rare, numerous pensioners have fallen victim to dishonest con artists masquerading as realtors, sellers, or lenders. Conduct background checks and hire a competent attorney to handle your acquisitions to reduce this risk.

The future economic decline may affect the UAE

Like many other Middle Eastern countries, the UAE derives a sizeable percentage of its revenue from the purchase of oil.

Purchasing in a neighbourhood with a lower rental income

Receiving a high rental yield is among the finest benefits of investing in real estate in Dubai. For a villa, you might get 7%, and for an apartment, you might get up to 12%. According to Bayut & Dubizzle’s yearly market study, Dubai Marina continues to be a popular location to rent out sumptuous apartments since it provides a luxurious Riviera lifestyle. All apartment types with bedrooms have seen price increases in 2021, along with rent increases.

Best time to buy property in Dubai

Due to its welcoming investment policies, Dubai has been on investors’ minds for more than ten years. The market suffered throughout the epidemic, yet there were clear signs of recovery in the first half of 2022. Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the picture of luxury and magnificence. However, Dubai struggled as the global epidemic took its toll, much like other markets. According to reports, the city’s real estate prices dropped by more than 35% during that time. However, May 2022 saw a remarkable turnabout with a more than 50 percent increase in sales compared to May 2021.

Things to know before buying property in Dubai

Leasehold vs. Freehold

People unfamiliar with Dubai’s real estate market and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) frequently misunderstand the distinction between freehold and leasehold lands. Understanding the fundamental differences between these area allocations is necessary to make an informed selection when purchasing real estate in Dubai.

Expats and locals

You could wonder, “Are there distinct restrictions on residents and expatriates in Dubai for purchasing land,” given that a foreign individual cannot gain citizenship in the UAE by any means.

The goal of purchasing a property in Dubai

The key driving force behind each client’s decision to buy home equity in Dubai is the next thing I strongly advise them to consider. Finally, the utility companies should register the buyer as the new owner once the title deed is in their possession (DEWA and air-con providers). The buyer will pay the applicable deposits and fees, and the seller will receive a return of his stake. These are general descriptions of the entire selling process for real estate in Dubai. Please be aware that terms, policies, and fees can vary depending on the circumstances.

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