Why Should You Invest In Palm Jumeirah?

There are a lot of reasons why!

When you have some money waiting to be invested, consider Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. It is one of the hotter property areas you can invest in anywhere in the world. Plus, it has a touch of the exotic to make living and investing in this area an ideal investment choice.

One of the most compelling reasons you should invest in this top real estate location is the golden visa. Once you invest, you can apply and become a resident with the full benefits that citizens get.

Another top reason is that this neighbourhood has a very beautiful and unique design. It is one of a kind that probably won’t be matched any time soon. There are more reasons why you should invest in Palm Jumeirah, keep reading to find out those reasons.

Real Estate Investment

Investing in real estate is a tricky business. You never know when a hot property area will grow cold and it is hard to predict when a cold property area will turn hot. But there are some stable areas that make investing in real estate a lot easier.

One of those areas is Palm Jumeirah and it has a lot of benefits that make investing more profitable.

  1. The Golden Visa- With an AED 2 million investment, you qualify for this visa opportunity. This visa provides you with a 10-year residency and you get to have a driver’s license, open a local bank account, and much more.
  2. Minimal Taxes- While there are no property taxes that you have to pay each year, there are fees. These fees are a lot lower than normal property taxes and make the investment much more lucrative. Plus, in some cases, your tenants pay those fees.

The property transfer fee is a one-time only payment until you sell the property and then those costs can be transferred to your buyer.

  1. Mortgages Are Available- You may have to pay up to 50% of the purchase price yourself, but the banks will lend up to the other 50% of the total sale price.

These banks also have lower interest rates and minimal requirements for foreign investors. The loan term length can extend to 10, 15, or 20 years.

  1. Your ROI Is Still High- Prices continue to rise in this area making the investment now a very solid option. The Dubai area has a stable real estate market currently and it is forecasted to continue for several more years.

You should be able to sell for more than you paid in a few short years.

  1. It Is Still A Hot Market- The first half of 2022 saw a sale price increase of roughly 7.5%. Right now, there are no signs of the market slowing.

Palm Island Dubai

This island is a part of the Palm Jumeirah neighbourhood. It was built over 20 years ago using sand dredged from the Persian Gulf at a distance of 10 nautical miles.

The island reaches 1380 acres or 560 hectares and it has become home to many commercial interests including luxury hotels. Also, the island has a wide range of homes, villas, and apartments all providing buyers and renters with an opportunity to live a luxurious lifestyle.

In total 3 islands make up the completed Palm Island neighbourhood. There is Palm Jumeirah, Palm Jebel Ali, & Deira island. All three islands provide investors with top investment opportunities.

Plus, the Dubai economy has been rated as the 5th highest-performing economy in the world. That is due to the leader’s dedication to being competitive on a global scale.

Currently, the low-interest rates for both citizens, 4.5%, and ex-pats, 5.5%, help fuel this performance. Whether those interest rates will change or not remains to be seen. But it is an excellent level for new investors to get their foot in the investment door in this region.

Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Palm Jumeirah is the crown jewel of the Palm Island neighbourhood. It boasts a wide range of investment opportunities as well as commercial and business locations that are hard to rival. With the low taxation rates, this is a business and tax haven.

But there are other reasons to invest in this island. Here are a few of those reasons:

  1. Affordable Luxury Homes- When you compare the same type of homes found on this island with those in other countries, you will find that the prices are more than reasonable.
  2. The View- The Dubai skyline is on one side and the Arabian Sea is on the other. You get great views of the sunrises and sunsets in this region.
  3. Economic & Entertainment Opportunities- No matter if you want to do business or just play, Palm Jumeirah will meet either need with its extensive economic hubs and entertainment venues.
  4. Buying, Selling & Renting Are Easy- There are always people looking to buy or rent in this area. They want the excellent lifestyle that comes with living in Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah Property For Sale

One thing you won’t run short of is property opportunities to invest in. Right now there are about 3,600 apartments for sale in the area. This is the most of any style of home you can find here.

Villas are next with 705 units on sale, then penthouses come in third with 536, next would be hotel apartments at 99, duplexes at 69, townhouses at 62, and full floors at 35.

But these numbers will not remain as they get snapped up quickly due to the reasonable prices.

Some Final Words

When you are ready to invest in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, give our agency a call. We have over 10 years of buying and selling experience in Dubai, including Palm Jumeirah.

Plus, our agents for Dubai are RERA qualified and licensed. You will get certified help every step of the way through this investment process. Call us today and see how we can help you invest your money in the best Palm Jumeirah properties.

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